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  • Social Purpose

    Social Purpose

    With the genesis of the Wapisasa concept in my head, I was keen to use a different model. A people-first model. A social business. I wanted to pin the social purpose to our foreheads, so that profit never became our top priority. I wanted to run Wapisasa as a business, but never wanted to lose…

  • Learning to Credential

    Learning to Credential

    Due to the nature of the system, we start with the Credential and work backwards. Ah. This is further illustrated by this graphic, highlighting the massive difference between prescriptive and descriptive pathways.

  • Catalyst of change

    Catalyst of change

    I had a very enjoyable conversation with Giles Anderton before Christmas, and this thought appeared. I see myself as a catalyst for change. But if I’m being honest, I realise that in the past I’ve been as resistant to change as the next guy – and not even for reasons I can clearly articulate. I once heard…

  • So… how’s it going? (growing a social business)

    So… how’s it going? (growing a social business)

    I wrote this visual poem in 2014 when the social business I had founded (wapisasa) and its vision were struggling – I had completely forgotten about it until I found it in an old sketchbook, and thought I might turn it into something to encourage others. If it resonates with you, let me know!

  • Planning Buckets for Scope

    Planning Buckets for Scope

    I created this image to go with Doug Belshaw’s blogpost on “Setting an Agile School Rhythm” …

  • Confidence and Perspective

    Confidence and Perspective

    When we took on our first young people at wapisasa last year, I really didn’t appreciate how important self-confidence in the Rookie’s outlook and enjoyment of their job. On reflection, I see that I’m no different. A lack of confidence makes you blind to the options and opportunity that surrounds you.

  • Your Experiences have value

    Your Experiences have value

    I now realise that we are our experiences, and due to having associative brains, the product of our individual experiences means that we each have a unique angle on life. I suppose it then depends on whether we see this as an advantage or not…

  • What’s the big idea?

    What’s the big idea?

    Mr Rocketship-of-an-idea. What’s not to like?

  • We teach Maths like a dead language

    We teach Maths like a dead language

    I’ve come across too many people who shudder at the thought of maths. The damage has already been done. To contrast, at my school I had a Maths teacher who was so passionate about Maths, we all got A’s. This thought came from an interview of Conrad Wolfram by Graham Brown-Martin in his most excellent…

  • Use your Loaf

    Use your Loaf

    I’ve no idea what I’m trying to say here – I just like the phrase. It’s one my dad would have used…

  • The Thinkathon

    The Thinkathon

    One of our sweet spots at wapisasa is the Thinkathon. We facilitate a (fairly intensive) thinking session with you (the client) in order to discover the purpose, message and ideas surrounding the things you’re trying to create. A lot of brain juice required – but ultimately very rewarding.

  • No silver bullet

    No silver bullet

    I was struck by the fact that when applying for funding as a social business, that funders seem to be looking for a silver bullet. Unfortunately, wapisasa is far from a silver bullet, going deep with just a few. However, if there were more wapisasas…

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