About Me

First I listen.
Then I draw my listen.

Hello! I’m Bryan Mathers, and I’m the founder of Visual Thinkery.

Listening is my superpower, and I love to tune into what people are saying, to capture and translate it visually. What are you trying to say? To whom are you trying to say it? Dialogue provides the viewpoints to explore what it looks like from multiple angles.

I spoke at TEDxGalway in 2021: People tell stories, stories paint pictures.

The Fabulous
Remixer Machine

I created the Remixer Machine to allow people to playfully remix some of the artwork I create. I’ve been amazed at how people have used this platform – for their conferences, digital badges, and presentations.

The Visual Thinkery process

In the last few years, I’ve developed the Visual Thinkery process of creating artwork from dialogue. It’s simple aim is to try and capture as many different ideas from dialogue as possible – to test which ones resonate, and to bring them to life!

I’ve used Visual Thinkery live drawing to teach Computer Science apprentices by creating a landscape of knowledge in the room and then filling in the gaps. It turns out that we all need to think-out-loud and be heard, especially when we’re learning.

If you have a project needing visual magic, please get in touch!

VT process

Small Press Zines

Over the last year I’ve been unpicking my Ulster roots, which has resulted in some visual stories in the form of small press Zines. And just like me they are a little curious. As a format, Zines offer a great way of putting something into someones hand which succinct, punchy and easily accessible to adults and kids alike.

You can have a closer look at the Patchwork Province wesbite.

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