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  • wapisasa overview (v1)

    wapisasa overview (v1)

    Back in the early days of wapisasa, (mostly spent in my man-shed) I spent quite a bit of time trying to articulate to myself and others what the concept actually was. This was where I settled…

  • wapisasa – one year old

    wapisasa – one year old

    After getting wapisasa off the ground and being in business for a year, I created this graphic to summarise the achievements we made along the way. At that time we were based in Hoxton, East London, which has a very high beard-per-male ratio…

  • Use your Loaf

    Use your Loaf

    I’ve no idea what I’m trying to say here – I just like the phrase. It’s one my dad would have used…

  • Tweet Something Meaningful

    Tweet Something Meaningful

    A half thought to encourage myself to tweet meaningful stuff, as opposed to negative or political stuff. I don’t always remember…

  • The Thinkathon

    The Thinkathon

    One of our sweet spots at wapisasa is the Thinkathon. We facilitate a (fairly intensive) thinking session with you (the client) in order to discover the purpose, message and ideas surrounding the things you’re trying to create. A lot of brain juice required – but ultimately very rewarding.

  • No silver bullet

    No silver bullet

    I was struck by the fact that when applying for funding as a social business, that funders seem to be looking for a silver bullet. Unfortunately, wapisasa is far from a silver bullet, going deep with just a few. However, if there were more wapisasas…

  • Make something awesome

    Make something awesome

    At wapisasa, our Rookies get one day per week to work on their own projects. They are accountable to the rest of the team, and this is their challenge – to make something awesome.

  • Education prised open

    Education prised open

    Recently, I was asked to speak at Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Lab Open week. Another of the speakers was Nishant Shah – a man who’s thoughts-per-minute ratio is off the scale. I only grabbed one though…

  • Education may be linear

    Education may be linear

    The older I get, the more I am aware of the multidirectional aspects of learning. I like to explore and experiment, mashing together and looking for parallels as well as being presented with traditional paths. However, I’m offended when the traditional linear pathways are billed as the only option. This is why wapisasa was created.

  • Different isn’t wrong

    Different isn’t wrong

    When I lived in East Africa, this was a mantra of a wise ex-pat I once knew. I find it surprising how aspects of other cultures can get us tied up in all sorts of knots, making us retreat to people just like us. Its easy to put up a wall and never step outside.…

  • The Articulation of an Idea

    The Articulation of an Idea

    Fundamental Cognitive Error: that we see the world as it actually is, and therefore that everyone else sees the world in the same way as we do. Never mind the ambiguity of language…

  • Adventure Recognition

    Adventure Recognition

    How much informal learning goes unrecognised? A whole balloon load I’ll bet…

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