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This is a blog of openly licensed thinkery. They are doodles, thoughts and ideas of Bryan Mathers – little curious tidbits which have emerged from juicy conversations. Also, this is a dumping ground for abandoned artwork. But one man’s dump is another’s treasure trove – amirite?

You can include artwork from this site under a Creative Commons CC-BY-ND licence.

  • Permission Slip

    Permission Slip

    I was giving a public talk at a Life Sciences museum in Göttingen, Germany earlier this year. Over a hundred people turned up to hear about my journey with Visual Thinkery – A picture says a thousand words. People were encouraged to bring pen and paper and we had plenty on hand to give out…


  • Facepalm


    I created this thinkery in June 2016. That’s probably all you need to know. <cough> Brexit <cough>


  • Insight, in sight, incite!

    Insight, in sight, incite!

    I was reminded this week whilst running a Visual Storytelling workshop with a group of Social Entrepreneurs in Lewisham, the power of insight. We all stand in a different place and see the world through our lens of previous experiences. What you see is all there is. It’s impossible to reach conclusions based on things…


  • We shape our tools

    We shape our tools

    “How do you find a good name for your start-up?” someone asked. “Hold it lightly – don’t overthink it. In the beginning you don’t even know what it is. As it starts to take shape it will start telling you what it wants to be called”, I said, almost sounding like I knew what I…


  • Venerable Diagrams

    Venerable Diagrams

    I’m a fan of Edith Pritchett’s Venn Diagrams that appear in the Saturday Guardian (UK). Who would have thought Graphs could be laugh-out-loud funny? I think every visual has the potential to reach in and tickle a different armpit.


  • Two sides to the story

    Two sides to the story

    I’m experimenting with cartoons as Gaeilge (in Irish) in order to help me learn my mother tongue. I’ve been learning for over a year now, and I’ve found it liberating – but difficult. I’ve never had a head for languages – so I’m exploring ways of learning that are more suitable to me. I thought…


  • Things cannot be made simpler

    Things cannot be made simpler

    I had the pleasure of tuning in to the initial keynote at ALTC23 by Anne-Marie Scott. She spoke about leadership in a crisis. I enjoyed a long conversation afterwards about all sorts of stories and journeys. I could learn a lot from Anne-Marie.


  • Education & Work

    Education & Work

    This is an idea I created a few years ago using the Visual Thinkery process with Educators.Coop and their collaborators focusing on the world of work.


  • Morpho – Remixer

    Morpho – Remixer

    A butterfly is something I look at and wonder – how did it get all those colours? Maybe I’m just looking forward to summer already… If you need 5mins of de-stress today, pop along to the Morpho remixer and give it a whirl: https://remixer.visualthinkery.com/a/morpho 


  • Meaningful online

    Meaningful online

    “We need to build an app.” Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t. Take a few steps back and think about what would work best for your user. Chances are, whatever you create will need to be meaningful, bring value and be online. This Thinkery was captured live during a series of workshops by We Are…


  • The Wizard of Pollution

    The Wizard of Pollution

    We often don’t associate plastic with the oil industry. But it’s a massive market, and one that Big Oil is pumping billions of dollars into. Plastic is a substance with magical properties alright, but when it’s washed up on a beach, we see the dark magic for what it is. This Thinkery was captured live…


  • Big Plastic

    Big Plastic

    I hate single-use plastic, and how its waste is a problem pushed down to the consumer. It’s where legislation is so important. One of my biggest Brexit fears is that UK standards will lag behind the EU, because in a small capitalist state, big businesses call the shots. This is the path of least resistance,…


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