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  • Distribution of Innovation

    Distribution of Innovation

    Together with Doug Belshaw and WeAreOpen Co-op I’ve been working a micro-credentialing project with the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C. On the second day of workshops we put together, we organised a succession of badge project “surgeries”. I captured some of the dialogue using live drawing – which we then evolved into the Credential Project Blueprint. Here’s one of the many doodles…

  • We make this road by walking

    We make this road by walking

    Catherine Cronin put me on to the book “We make the road by walking” by Paulo Freire and Miles Horton. And when Catherine puts you on to a book, you’d better read it…

  • Pathways


    Gold, Silver, Bronze, yawn… This (standard) approach prevents the issuing organisation from having to think too deeply about how learners might interact with what they’ve got to offer. There’s more than one way to string together some badges.

  • Creative Constraints

    Creative Constraints

    One of my favourite classical works is Franz Liszt’s piano remix of Beethoven’s nine symphonies (here’s Gould playing No 6). He filters what what was created for an orchestra, squeezes it for two hands and one instrument. For me, it created a bridge to access and appreciate the original; a way in… Black pen on white paper.…

  • Co-ops: Spread the word…

    Co-ops: Spread the word…

    I really enjoy being in a Co-op (, especially when we get together to make something, or think about something. As a result, I’m really keen to spread the word…

  • CC & Me

    CC & Me

    I love the idea of the Creative Commons, and the more I create the more of a Commoner I become. One aspect of CC licensing that’s always bothered me is the icons themselves.

  • Perspective


    …it took me a while to realise that prayer is often about perspective. The situation itself doesn’t change, but how you see it does. I don’t believe in a God that reaches out of heaven to tweak something in the space-time continuum in order just to make me more comfortable. If that were the case…

  • Doing business abroad?

    Doing business abroad?

    Banks? Don’t get me started. There’s nothing more soul destroying that having done some graft for a client, only to have a bank snaffle a slice of your earnings, all because you happen to be in another country. My accountant pointed me in the direction of Transferwise – and it looked like the perfect solution.…

  • Creative work has DNA

    Creative work has DNA

    I had the recent pleasure of doing some conversational thinkery with Alan Levine about what Creative Commons means to us both. When I create something, it’s an outpouring of my self, both consciously and unconsciously, which is one of reasons I sign all my work – the ebb and flow of a creation that evolves…

  • Any questions?

    Any questions?

    I’d never really thought about it before, but at school I never asked any questions – I didn’t want to expose the fact I didn’t know something…

  • Facepalm


    What? We’re out of the EU? <facepalm>

  • Living


    This is a short visual poem to myself…

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