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Open Badges (P.S. there’s data inside…)

Open Badges seem so simple, don’t they?

But wait – don’t make assumptions – ask questions! They’ve got stuff inside. Data. Authenticated data.
But the big news? – you can take them with you because they’re built on an open standard. They can be connected together to form a learning pathway. The data structure inside the badge can even be extended for a particular purpose.

Curious? There’s loads more information (and pictures) here: OB101

Diffusion of Innovation

Diffusion of Innovation

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Aha! So it’s not just me…

When I first saw this, it face-slapped me like an un-hinged double hi-five. At the time, I was pitching an e-portfolio solution to different training organisations, which was really quite hit and miss. After a while, I realised the product I was selling was actually “Change” – and that change meant pain. Potential customers varied wildly in their appetite for change, but also in their ability to change…

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Dyslexia - a world of possibilities

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Dyslexia… by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

I really enjoyed making this visual thought, commissioned by MindshiftKQED to go with “Dyslexia and the Wider World of Creativity and Talent” by Holly Korbey. However, the bit that really buttered my parsnips (a Christmas metaphor, if you will…) was creating the Picasso image. I found that by trying to imitate his style I started to see a bit more clearly what the Cubist style was trying to say, which I suppose, I really wasn’t expecting…

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teachers purveyors of confidence

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Teachers… by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

In my work with young people in wapisasa, I’ve realised just how important self confidence is achieving anything – and how that self confidence is grown. As such I recognise the qualities of teachers I’ve had in the past, investing in young people and creating the environment for them to thrive.

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