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  • Open Working

    Open Working

    Surprisingly, the concept of working openly is new for some people. Maybe it’s because we were told at school to cover our work – don’t let others peek. Or maybe it’s the shame of failure dictates that we should only share perfect outcomes that progressed according to plan (which makes for a very boring story). […]

  • Do-My-Users-Care-O-Meter


    Wouldn’t it be like crazy silly if you built something and then your users didn’t really care about the thing you built? Well take it from me, buster, it happens all the time. So it’s probably best – before you build your new features – to find out if your users will care about it. […]

  • Content is not just King…

    Content is not just King…

    …but King, Queen and everything inbetween. Following on from this post, the motives behind how you play your hand come through in the content itself. Open hand anyone? Here’s a blog post all about it… This Thinkery was captured live during a series of workshops by We Are Open, for Catalyst.

  • Be more Bob…

    Be more Bob…

    It’s only in my later years that I’ve gone deep with Bob Dylan – in particular the early stuff, Blood on the Tracks, Desire, The Times They are A-Changin’… It seems to me that the stuff Dylan was calling out then is still so relevant now. I recently tripped over this interview that he gave […]

  • Achilles Heel to Superpower

    Achilles Heel to Superpower

    The thing I considered my achilles heel growing up, the enemy that was always in view, I now realise as having given me my superpower. I’m even grateful for it.

  • Bob…


    It is quite possible that the next ten illustrations posted on this visual blog could hold the title the new normal. Yet not even I (!) can tell you what the new normal looks like. Video meeting participants talking enthusiastically whilst on mute is definitely nothing new, there’s just a whole bunch more people at […]

  • To be a Knowledge Activist…

    To be a Knowledge Activist…

    …and to have solidarity with a community. Created live at the Wikimedia UK Summit, hosted by DMLL, Coventry University, UK.

  • Graphic Recording – it’s magic!

    Graphic Recording – it’s magic!

    A quick guide to graphic recording, and the fact that it’s not actually magic, which you can read about in this Visual Thinkery blog post.

  • Reflective vs Reflexive Practice

    Reflective vs Reflexive Practice

    I’ve been creating visual landscapes with people from the Chartered Institute of Professional Development recently, and in one of the conversations with Andy Lancaster, this interesting contrast arose… Reflective practice: where the learner reflects on what they have learnt and what it means to them; Reflexive practice: where the learner considers implications from what they […]

  • Openwashing


    Inspired by For-profit, faux-pen, and critical conversations about the future of learning materials – a blog post by Rajiv Jhangiani.

  • Stop Sucking at Sea

    Stop Sucking at Sea

    Wherever the Plastic Production process is, there you’ll find pollution… Created alongside activists from the Rethink Plastic Alliance, whilst focusing on World Ocean Day, using the Visual Thinkery – 10 ideas process.

  • Quant + Qual

    Quant + Qual

    On creating some Visual Thinkery for Tabetha at Timmus, our conversation touched on the differences between quantitative and qualitative analysis. Here’s a visualisation of that thought. You know, I’m always learning from my clients…

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