These visual thoughts are usually a result of a conversation, stumbling across a blog post or someone tweeting some verbiage at me. All these images are available for use under a Creative Commons licence - I’m always interested to hear how you used them.


All lies and jest…

In order to be a leader, you need to acquire a following. In order to acquire a common following, you need a common enemy. These people have made the EU the common enemy. But the EU can’t be the enemy – as we are part of the EU, and therefore it is what we are prepared to make it.

Hatred is the enemy. Racism is the enemy. Empire is the enemy.

We should have listened to our young people.

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Brexit Graph of Trust

Sorry to get all political on you, but seriously, those guys?
They’re not campaigning for the UK to leave the EU because it’ll be good for you. They’re campaigning to leave the EU because it’ll be good for them.


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A fishy business model…

The next time you bump into Graham Brown-Martin, ask him to tell you about what’s happening in Africa with regard to commercially-focused education interests. He’s got some fairly shocking insights to what’s going on and why…

The boardroom purpose of an organisation fundamentally dictates what that organisation does and the compromises it will be willing to make in order to achieve it’s goals. 

Oh – and if it’s purpose is dollars, the business model to work at scale…

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We are Open

When some ex-Mozilla collaborative ninjas (Doug, John, Laura) asked if I was interested in forming a co-operative, I had to be involved. For it allows me (Visual Thinkery) to still have autonomy as a business, but also allows me to participate in collaborative work with people who know a deeper magic.

And together we are stronger;

We are Open…

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Meeting around a document

What’s the agenda of your meeting? Is it to say clever things – or to build clever things. If you’re serious of collaboratively building something, and want to give everyone an equitable voice, consider meeting around a document instead of a table – it’s a completely different (and more productive) experience…

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