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Is technology addictive?

Is technology addictive?

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It feels like I’m missing something. I wonder if there’s a record-setting sporting contest I need to witness. Um… nope. I wonder if anybody’s retweeted that awesome last thing I drew. I’d better check. Sheesh, tumbleweeds. Maybe something’s breaking in the news. It’s still snowing in Scotland. It feels like I’m missing something…

Inspired by the post – Is technology addictive? by Audrey Watters.

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Shed – ideas worth making…

shed - ideas worth making

I met Paul from Pimoroni at a maker fayre in London recently. I’m a big fan, and I really like how they’ve used a Pirate aesthetic to allow the maker community to really understand what they’re all about.

And so it was that we chanced upon the very spirit of makery captured forever in this conversation:

– Look at this thing that I made!
– That’s great! Why’d you make it?
– Why not?

Why not? indeed…

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A post-brexit passport

Untied Kingdom passport

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So far, the only emerging upside of Brexit is to have a new-in-my-lifetime-but-old-in-others coloured passport. So in order to help out, I thought I’d throw my own design into the mix.

This is the third in the facepalm thinkery series, following this and then this. Given the current state of things, I’m sure there’ll be many more to come…

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Open Badges – describing my employment

If I was travelling on a journey from London to Glasgow, a set of prescriptive badges could mark the milestones to aim for (got out of London, passed Birmingham, reached Glasgow). A set of descriptive badges might encapsulate some of the valuable things experienced along the way (visited a National Trust stately home, invented a game that entertained the kids for 3 hours, single handedly fixed a flat-tyre with no jack…)

Of course, one person’s descriptive badge could well become another’s prescriptive badge…

This thinkery was inspired by Patrina Law, Head of Free Learning at the Open University.

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