Purpose, Puzzle, Picture

If you’ve been unclear as to what Visual Thinkery actually is (I know I have!), then here’s the official definition.

I listen to people with a purpose, and aim to create a picture which articulates what the people are trying to say to whomever they are trying to say it to.

This is the puzzle I love to solve. I’ve used this process for Design Thinking, Book Covers & Illustrations, Campaigns, Branding, Aesthetic, Slides, Keynote drawing…

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Notice and wonder

My nose is running and my coffee is dribbling and I’m wondering if these two occurrences could be related. Wondering, always wondering. The more I wonder, the more I notice. The more I notice, the more I wonder…

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So… how’s it going? (growing a social business)

I wrote this visual poem in 2014 when the social business I had founded (wapisasa) and its vision were struggling – I had completely forgotten about it until I found it in an old sketchbook, and thought I might turn it into something to encourage others. If it resonates with you, let me know!

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Badge Taxonomy V0.2

This is version two of the Badge Taxonomy – the purpose of which is not to classify rogue badges – but to understand how badges were being used, and help think through badging solutions.

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A Guide to British Weather

This is my understanding of British Weather. As an Irishman, I’m perfectly qualified to make such judgements…

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Confidence and Perspective

When we took on our first young people at wapisasa last year, I really didn’t appreciate how important self-confidence in the Rookie’s outlook and enjoyment of their job. On reflection, I see that I’m no different. A lack of confidence makes you blind to the options and opportunity that surrounds you.

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The Badge Cycle

This is a generic version of the badge cycle visual thought I created for the BBC. In it I’m trying to bring to life the process of earning and issuing badges. It was included as part of the FELTAG report.

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In my work with young people in wapisasa, I’ve realised just how important self confidence is achieving anything – and how that self confidence is grown. As such I recognise the qualities of teachers I’ve had in the past, investing in young people and creating the environment for them to thrive.

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I am more than just my grades

When you hire a person what do you look for? I look for what I would call character, and a spark…

Yet grades are so big that that although voices say that other qualities matter, its hard to hear them. Could Open Badges be a game changer in terms of recognising value, in all its diversity? I believe it could…

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Education Technology

I love Lego, and I wonder how much it played a part in feeding my creative (and constructivist) side. Problem solving, learning to pivot and change direction, creating new worlds with others. Needless to say my kids are all over it…