Purpose, Puzzle, Picture

If you’ve been unclear as to what Visual Thinkery actually is (I know I have!), then here’s the official definition.

I listen to people with a purpose, and aim to create a picture which articulates what the people are trying to say to whomever they are trying to say it to.

This is the puzzle I love to solve. I’ve used this process for Design Thinking, Book Covers & Illustrations, Campaigns, Branding, Aesthetic, Slides, Keynote drawing…

You can use this image for free without changing it as long you include the attribution below:

Purpose, Puzzle, Picture
by @bryanMMathers
is licenced under CC-BY-ND


I just create stuff from conversations. I’ve tried to pop them into categories – but who knows…

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If you’d like to throw me a thought, or would like to commission an image, please get in touch below or if its easier, via twitter.

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