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No, not that Moscow; this MoSCoW – or more helpfully, MoSCoW is a way of prioritising user stories into 4 categories: we must (M) implement this, we should (S) implement this, we could (C) implement this, and we won’t (W) implement this. You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to decide which category a story belongs to, and how they can change over time. One complicating factor is the perceived value of an untested idea, based on where it came from, and who gave birth to it…

This Thinkery was captured live during a series of workshops by We Are Open, for Catalyst.

You can use this image for free without changing it as long you include the attribution below:

by @bryanMMathers
is licenced under CC-BY-ND


I just create stuff from conversations. I’ve tried to pop them into categories – but who knows…

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