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  • Content is not just King…

    Content is not just King…

    …but King, Queen and everything inbetween. Following on from this post, the motives behind how you play your hand come through in the content itself. Open hand anyone? Here’s a blog post all about it… This Thinkery was captured live during a series of workshops by We Are Open, for Catalyst.

  • Content


    Content to fill an empty page. Is that all I am to you? Just an image for someone to notice? Just a paragraph to draw someone in? The words and pictures have become the product… Having said that – when we talk about what we’re up to in an open way, others can really benefit.…

  • Open Source Motivations

    Open Source Motivations

    Have you ever contributed to an open source project? If so, what was your motivation? My Co-op is working with Greenpeace International to help take their Planet4 project to the next level. You can read all about it in this blog post – and let us know about your motivations in our very quick survey.

  • Open Asynchronous Pedagogy

    Open Asynchronous Pedagogy

    These are pretty weird times indeed. There’s lots of discussion around taking schools online, as we head further towards social lockdown. For most, that’s a new thing – but there are those that have been practising this art for a long time. And as ever, it’s not about the technology, but the pedagogy… This is…

  • Openwashing


    Inspired by For-profit, faux-pen, and critical conversations about the future of learning materials – a blog post by Rajiv Jhangiani.

  • Sparks of Openness

    Sparks of Openness

    Working in the open – it often feels counter-intuitive. What if someone criticises my half-baked idea? What if they make it stronger? What if someone dislikes the thing I’ve created? What if they really like it? What if they pinch the idea? What if they’re able to use the idea, or add theirs to it?  Inspiration comes…

  • Pedagogies of Disruption as Resistance

    Pedagogies of Disruption as Resistance

    Listening to Momodou Sallah’s keynote at OER18 instantly transported me back to my days living and working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I found myself deeply resonating with his desire for change and his willingness to be a part of it. Social Entrepreneurship; Confronting the poverty of imagination; The Empire narrative; The missing Southern voices. I found…

  • Continually becoming…

    Continually becoming…

    My sketchnote from Catherine Cronin’s talk at #OER18. I was reflecting to another attendee afterwards that I find some talks lend themselves more towards a sketchnote than others. Someone who knows what they are talking about, and cares deeply about it, is a must. But another key ingredient for me are the speaker’s homemade philosophies…

  • Digital Alchemy

    Digital Alchemy

    One of the Digital-Alchemists-in-Residence at #OER18 has to Alan Levine – so when this phrase was used in their session, I couldn’t let it just disappear into the ether…

  • Open willy-nilly

    Open willy-nilly

    Here’s a quote from an excellent session by Mia Zamora and Alan Levine at OER18 that stuck in my head…

  • Openness and Higher Ed.

    Openness and Higher Ed.

    This thought is by Martin Weller, via the opening keynote by Bonnie Stewart at the recent ALT conference, entitled The new norm(al): Confronting what Open means for H.E.

  • What Open means for H.E.

    What Open means for H.E.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the opening keynote by Bonnie Stewart at the recent ALT conference, entitled The new norm(al): Confronting what Open means for H.E. Here’s my sketchnote.      

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