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  • When * hits the fan

    When * hits the fan

    ( * ) Coronavirus that is… I don’t know about you, but I’m in the middle of my most productive unproductive spells ever. Whilst my Visual Thinkery work has all but dried up as the world tries to get back on an even keel, I’m knee-deep in the list of those other things I’ve put […]

  • I can’t get no…

    I can’t get no…

    When I’m watchin’ my TVAnd a man comes on to tell meHow clean my hands could be… Hey, hey hey…

  • It’s not all about you…

    It’s not all about you…

    …because it’s pretty hard to retrospectively change who you came into contact with five days ago. So let’s look out for each other.

  • My First Ten Parkruns

    My First Ten Parkruns

    Emojis can articulate anything. This is the cycle that got me hooked on running, thanks to my son and of course Parkrun (the weekly timed, volunteer-driven 5km run/jog/walk.) Taken from this edition of the Visual Thinkery newsletter.

  • And a leafy pint to you!

    And a leafy pint to you!

    I must be getting old. I’ve really enjoyed watching Ireland in The Six Nations rugby – its my favourite sporting event. And for 80 minutes, all Ireland has a single voice – and it feels like the future, an identity completeness I’ve longed for. There is so much to put behind us, and it’s already […]

  • Visual Stickery – 5 days to go!

    Visual Stickery – 5 days to go!

    Naked laptop? Yes, I thought so… Well, for the next few days only, you’ll be able to tattoo your laptop with some of my artwork exclusively via this Indigogo crowdfunding campaign. Don’t miss out! P.S. Any surplus will go towards my non-profit wapisasa C.I.C!

  • Doing business abroad?

    Doing business abroad?

    Banks? Don’t get me started. There’s nothing more soul destroying that having done some graft for a client, only to have a bank snaffle a slice of your earnings, all because you happen to be in another country. My accountant pointed me in the direction of Transferwise – and it looked like the perfect solution. […]

  • Lies…


    If I was democracy, I’d be pretty pissed off – getting trotted out once in a generation only to be patted on the back, and put back in the political cupboard. It’s been a great day for lies and liars.

  • All lies and jest…

    All lies and jest…

    In order to be a leader, you need to acquire a following. In order to acquire a common following, you need a common enemy. These people have made the EU the common enemy. But the EU can’t be the enemy – as we are part of the EU, and therefore it is what we are […]

  • The trio of entitled tossers

    The trio of entitled tossers

    Much to my disappointment, it looks like this book is set to be written after all.  

  • Brexit Graph of Trust

    Brexit Graph of Trust

    Sorry to get all political on you, but seriously, those guys? They’re not campaigning for the UK to leave the EU because it’ll be good for you. They’re campaigning to leave the EU because it’ll be good for them. <sigh>

  • Social Purpose

    Social Purpose

    With the genesis of the Wapisasa concept in my head, I was keen to use a different model. A people-first model. A social business. I wanted to pin the social purpose to our foreheads, so that profit never became our top priority. I wanted to run Wapisasa as a business, but never wanted to lose […]

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