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Wikipedia – Active vs Passive learning

Horrible Histories? Absolute genius. I’m sure it’s creation needs deep understanding in order to use the weapon of humour around a topic. I’ve found the same is true with imagery (indeed Horrible Histories uses imagery so well), and so I love it when my son is able to deploy his own Visual Thinkery in school homework – which often contains humour too, if he thinks he can get away with it. Teach to learn…

This off-the-cuff comment by Lucy Crompton-Reid at the recent OER conference resonated with me, and it illustrates one of the simplest techniques of creating thinkery: to draw out the contrast between two things.

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Future kinds of work

Future Types of Work

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How I work has changed massively over the past ten years. Okay, so now I draw pictures, whereas I used to write programs – or lead others to write programs. Probably the biggest change I’ve had is being exposed to Mozilla’s way of working. They corale creative communities using some very clever practices and technologies. And right at the centre of this deeper magic community alignment

This thinkery was created for this DML blog post.

The Hunch

the hunch

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The Hunch by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

How little we know of the opportunities life has ahead of us.

I often follow my hunch – that warm fuzzy feeling compelling me to go in a particular direction. I need to know some stuff – but not too much – otherwise I’d talk myself out of it.

Who knows where it might lead?

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Genius Hour

Genius hour

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Genius Hour by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

Genius hour – for exploring your own passions in the classroom. If it were me, I’d be inventing crazy stuff. Find out more here.

Since I drew this, I have of course reflected that 15th October 1986 would probably not be the first point in time I’d travel to… :0

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