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The definition of innovation…

Another image from Richard Culatta, Director of EdTech for the US Dept of Education. He was talking about Impact and Scale of emerging edTech and the need to define Innovation in terms of Scale and Impact. This makes a lot of sense to me…


Core Academic Subjects

Nick Gibb MP used the metaphor of primary colours when referring to core academic subjects. However in my experience, core academic subjects are not mixed. As a result, binary decisions are made about a students abilities, talents, and aptitude. And what is defined as core? I suggested Art, Music and Computing…

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I really enjoy trying to find visual metaphors for abstract concepts. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a bridge of course – to a profession. TechBac…

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Need to know more about OpenBadges? Check out #OB101…

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What is a Learning Technologist

I’m sure there are many ways to define a learning technologist, but I liked this thought originating from a comment by Stephan at #efair2015…



This thought on adaptability was part of a collaborative article with Doug Belshaw written for FE Week, exploring the components of being able to adapt to the changing landscape of Further Education.

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A certificate is just an offline badge

When thinking about Open Badges, its easy to get stuck on the paper certificate paradigm and think about why an Open Badge isn’t that. Here’s is a thought from Chris Kirk and Doug Belshaw, emanating from an excellent dinner conversation, which looks at a certificate from the perspective of a badge.

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It’s all about people

Having sold a couple of businesses, I’m often asked about the ingredients of running a successful start-up. Well, this may be obvious, but it’s top of my list every time. People. But not just your immediate team (which is of course critical), but those who you sell to, those who support what you’re selling, those who act as advocates for you, and those who build whatever your products and deliver your services. Find good people, and figure out how to play them to their strengths.


Where’s Further Education on the Digital Continuum?

This comment came from one of the first prep meetings for The Big Think – the kickoff of the Think Out Loud Club. It was a question asked by Bob Harrison who at the time was in the thick of the FELTAG report process.

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What’s forecast for Further Education?

Here’s the challenge facing Further Education in the UK. There are massive funding changes (24%) – and yet the system will struggle to change quickly enough to cope. Check out this petition signed by 43,000 people.