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  • Social Fabric

    Social Fabric

    Here’s a thought from a conversation with @szerge at the EPIC conference in Barcelona. The underlying message points to the network of trust relationships that exist in a badging ecosystem, and how each assertion forms a relationship between two or more people or bodies. These relationships weave together to form a social fabric. I’m not…

  • A Constellation of Pathways

    A Constellation of Pathways

    “When you are deep into designing your badge system, pause. Look outward: consider the bigger picture that your earner will see. Imagine the thrill of being a learning explorer charting new territory with badges as your guideposts! Now with that new perspective, rough out some potential badge pathways that do not solely include your badges—that…

  • Open Badges – now with Endorsements

    Open Badges – now with Endorsements

    This thought was created for Doug Belshaw‘s DML blog entitled “Extending Badges“.

  • I am more than just my grades

    I am more than just my grades

    When you hire a person what do you look for? I look for what I would call character, and a spark… Yet grades are so big that that although voices say that other qualities matter, its hard to hear them. Could Open Badges be a game changer in terms of recognising value, in all its…

  • Badge Taxonomy

    Badge Taxonomy

    As part of our work for City and Guilds, Doug Belshaw and I decided to formulate a Badge Taxonomy – not in order to classify badges per se, but to evolve our understanding of how badges (and their intended purposes) differed. After a whole bunch of stickies and some brain crunching, this was the (half-baked)…

  • Recognition of a small step

    Recognition of a small step

    If we change our outlook from long journeys to small steps how do that effect the landscape of learning that unfolds before us?

  • Open Badges

    Open Badges

    I cant remember where I came across the Maynard Keynes quote, but I immediately thought of the disruption of Education by Open Badge technologies. I was also struck by Bernard Bull’s parallel with the disruption of the Energy market.

  • More power to your elbow

    More power to your elbow

    This visual badge was created so that I could throw it at people in order to encourage them…

  • BBC Badges

    BBC Badges

    This flow was created for Ralph Rivera at the BBC to illustrate how badges could be used to recognise Knowledge, Competence & Character. I’ve always thought the BBC could be an interesting issuer of badges – though I’m possible influenced by the Blue Peter badges…

  • The Digital Skills Sandwich

    The Digital Skills Sandwich

    The Digital Skills Sandwich illustrates how a fluid de-centralised community approach to badging could fit between the underlying Mozilla web literacy map and an overlying recognition element, in this case a vocational qualification such as an apprenticeship.

  • Wapisasa – a badge-driven apprenticeship

    Wapisasa – a badge-driven apprenticeship

    Could a Rookie earn badges, as they progress through their employment at wapisasa? Could these badges that recognise Knowledge, Skills, Character contribute to a raise or a promotion? If we can badge it, we probably should…

  • A bluffers guide to openbadges

    A bluffers guide to openbadges

    So what are openbadges? Well, I’m glad you asked – they may well be the technology that helps to de-centralise the education system…

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