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Open Badges – now with Endorsements

This thought was created for Doug Belshaw‘s DML blog entitled “Extending Badges“.

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I am more than just my grades

When you hire a person what do you look for? I look for what I would call character, and a spark…

Yet grades are so big that that although voices say that other qualities matter, its hard to hear them. Could Open Badges be a game changer in terms of recognising value, in all its diversity? I believe it could…

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Badge Taxonomy

As part of our work for City and Guilds, Doug Belshaw and I decided to formulate a Badge Taxonomy – not in order to classify badges per se, but to evolve our understanding of how badges (and their intended purposes) differed. After a whole bunch of stickies and some brain crunching, this was the (half-baked) result. 🙂

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wapisasa overview (v2)

After being in business for a 6 months or so, I held a vision day with the team, and out of that day this was created. it aims to support a wapisasa elevator pitch, and enable anyone to talk though the story.

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The Big Picture Machine

Are CV/Resumes the best that we can do to represent ourselves? What does the informal stuff we’ve achieved (that we dont recognise) look like through someone else’s lens? We could do with an (open badge driven) big picture machine…

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Recognition of a small step

If we change our outlook from long journeys to small steps how do that effect the landscape of learning that unfolds before us?

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Open Badges

I cant remember where I came across the Maynard Keynes quote, but I immediately thought of the disruption of Education by Open Badge technologies. I was also struck by Bernard Bull’s parallel with the disruption of the Energy market.

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More power to your elbow

This visual badge was created so that I could throw it at people in order to encourage them…

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BBC Badges

This flow was created for Ralph Rivera at the BBC to illustrate how badges could be used to recognise Knowledge, Competence & Character. I’ve always thought the BBC could be an interesting issuer of badges – though I’m possible influenced by the Blue Peter badges…

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The Digital Skills Sandwich

The Digital Skills Sandwich illustrates how a fluid de-centralised community approach to badging could fit between the underlying Mozilla web literacy map and an overlying recognition element, in this case a vocational qualification such as an apprenticeship.