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Achilles Heel to Superpower

It’s been a long time coming to this realisation.

The thing I considered my achilles heel growing up, the enemy that was always in view, the affliction that held me down, I now realise as having given me my superpower. I’m even grateful for it.

It only took me 20 years to realise it though…

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Graphic Recording – it’s magic!

A quick guide to graphic recording, and the fact that it’s not actually magic, which you can read about in this Visual Thinkery blog post.

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Ama-Zine Prompts

Amy Burvall and myself thoroughly enjoyed delivering a hands-on Zine-making workshop at OER19 in Galway earlier this month. It was so good to be back in the motherland. But the trouble with a workshop of this nature is that most people are a little uncomfortable when faced with a blank piece of paper. So, in our Zine-storming session pre-workshop, Amy listed out some prompts to help folks jump right in… (p.s. if you’re an educator, check out Amy’s Intention book!).

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OER19 revisited…

I’m already looking forward to OER19, and I’m delighted that it will take place in the motherland.


Of course, I couldn’t resist this little remix of the flyer when I first saw it. This is a product of Mathers third principle of Visual Thinkery – Curiosity must not come back empty-handed

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Sparks of Openness

Working in the open – it often feels counter-intuitive. What if someone criticises my half-baked idea? What if they make it stronger? What if someone dislikes the thing I’ve created? What if they really like it? What if they pinch the idea? What if they’re able to use the idea, or add theirs to it? 

Inspiration comes from others. Be an other.

From a conversation about Digital Literacies with We Are Open colleagues Grainne Hamilton and Doug Belshaw.

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Raspberry Pi – protector of the shed…

SOMEONE left the heater on in my shed.

You can read all about it here in the most recent dollop of thinkery to your inbox.

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See the why…

There’s little point in constructing a website unless you know what your message is, and who you’re trying to say it to. Form does indeed follow function. A really insightful way of doing this is to use facilitated dialogue with a diverse group, and trust that the knowledge is in the room…



What if I just tweak it a little? Change the colours slightly, or make it into a repeating pattern? Or a character? If it could speak, what would it say? Curiosity is creativity’s playful little cousin (Tinker?) – always getting up to mischief…

I came across this quote on curiosity doing some work for Ada College, the UK’s National College for Digital Skills (I’m a big fan). I was invited to come along to the first day with the first cohort and create thinkery from conversations had with staff and students, who were, and are, brilliant.



It’s a two way deal.

Once you’ve seen something, you can’t unsee it.

Equally, the interpretation of what you see is a product of things you’ve seen and experiences you’ve had so far.

Eye. Even the english word is a palindrome; it’s a two way deal.



Self Portrait

If self expression affords you a sideways glimpse at your own self, then a self portrait allows you to briefly hold its gaze.

Deface your face. Go on; I give you full permission…