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OER19 revisited…

OER19 revisited

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I’m already looking forward to OER19, and I’m delighted that it will take place in the motherland.


Of course, I couldn’t resist this little remix of the flyer when I first saw it. This is a product of Mathers third principle of Visual Thinkery – Curiosity must not come back empty-handed

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We make this road by walking

we make this road by walking

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Catherine Cronin put me on to the book “We make the road by walking” by Paulo Freire and Miles Horton. And when Catherine puts you on to a book, you’d better read it…

It resonated deeply – and today, because I’m at a Co-op conference, I’m reflecting that one of my recent newly trodden roads is one of working co-operatively with We Are Open Co-op.

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Continually becoming…

Continually becoming...

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My sketchnote from Catherine Cronin’s talk at #OER18.

I was reflecting to another attendee afterwards that I find some talks lend themselves more towards a sketchnote than others. Someone who knows what they are talking about, and cares deeply about it, is a must. But another key ingredient for me are the speaker’s homemade philosophies sprinkled through their talk – and it’s often this mix that I find paints a picture worth drawing.

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Participatory Culture

Participatory culture

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I zoomed in to Catherine Cronin’s talk on “If open is the answer, what is the question?” at the recent OER16 conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. This thought resonated with me, as it’s something I’ve learning in my journey with Visual Thinkery: our contibutions matter. With a sideways glance at school, I think there’s a massive difference between enforced participation and a culture of participation…

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