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The Innov-A-team

In 1972 a team of open workers was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. This team promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the global underground. Today, still wanted by the bad guys, they survive as members of a worker’s co-operative. If you have a problem, if no one else can […]

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The A team

This doodle was drawn without looking up the interwebs following a comment at the recent get together of WeAreOpen members. I’m pretty sure I must have drawn it as a kid. I remember noticing that this type of van with its fat wheels and wide wheelbase wasn’t seen on the roads of Northern Ireland. Which […]


Steam Punk

Someone mentioned STEAM, and my brain said “Steampunk”. What more to say?


wapisasa – The team structure

Why not learn from your peers as you develop your skills? Here’s a drawing of the suggested team structure (and indeed the general idea) in use at wapisasa. It’s a digital apprenticeship done differently…

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Persona Spectrum

Over the last few years, I’ve done a lot of visual work with project teams helping to define personas. We need to step inside the shoes of these different people in order to build the right features. A Persona Spectrum looks at how you can find commonality across some personas in order to build features […]



I doff my hat to the team that can turn a face-to-face conference into a meaningful online one. Having said that, the ALT/OER20 team are pretty well positioned to do just that!


Piece of Cake

At the recent Creative Commons Summit in Lisbon, I tuned in to all sorts of insight from all sorts of people. But one of my favourite morsels of wisdom was this off-the-cuff comment by Dr. Doug Belshaw, which should serve as hearty wisdom for all future conference organisation teams. But maybe these words were simply […]


Equity Unbound

It was great to be back at Mozfest this weekend. And whaddayaknow, I got the chance to catch the #unboundeq (equity unbound) team explain what their project is all about. I’d seen the hashtag floating around on Twitter – but when engaging with a think, it’s dialogue that gets me going – and listening. So I […]

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Here may lie an Open Badge programme. Time for a pre-mortem…

Last week I was facilitating a Think-a-thon with a WeAreOpen client in Edinburgh alongside co-op member Grainne Hamilton. We were helping our client to think through the integration of an Open Badge programme into their current offering. The Pre Mortem is an extremely helpful way to air intuitive spider-sense discomforts amongst the team, without anyone […]

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CC & Me

I love the idea of the Creative Commons, and the more I create the more of a Commoner I become. One aspect of CC licensing that’s always bothered me is the icons themselves.