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  • Digital Skills Sandwich

    Digital Skills Sandwich

    Sandwich anyone? I do love a good sandwich. If potatoes are the king of carbs, then surely bread is its queen? As an Irishman, I am of course very biased. Anyway, I digress… The Digital Skills Sandwich is an idea that’s been rumbling around in my head for a while now. It’s seed germinates from the fact…

  • Open Badges paint a better picture…

    Open Badges paint a better picture…

    Dr. Doug Belshaw and I got together to think visually about Open Badges resulting in the blog post “3 reasons open source needs Open Badges” which featured this piece of thinkery. Macro credentials are like broad brushstrokes on the canvas, whereas micro credentials could fill in the detail. Oh, and I wish I had wallpaper like this…

  • What next for Open Badges?

    What next for Open Badges?

    Blockchain, the underlying technology used by Bitcoin, is cool. At least, I think it is, if I could only get my head around it. A group of thinkers (including Serge Ravet) from the Open Badges Community got together to start thinking about how the Open Badge standard could be used inside the Blockchain. What would…

  • Choosing a badging system

    Choosing a badging system

    With any solution there are often three different approaches: bespoke, modular and off-the-shelf. Choosing the most appropriate path is more difficult than it seems. This is certainly true of selecting a Badging system. There’s also value in learning through trying multiple approaches at the same time, and assuming that as a result unseen requirements and…

  • Badge Platform Questions

    Badge Platform Questions

    A while ago, Doug Belshaw and I were working on the #OB101 course, in order to help others think about OpenBadges and how to dip their toes in the water. Some of this thinking relates to a discussion at the Badge Alliance community call about some OpenBadge platforms not really being open. So what should you…

  • Badge Taxonomy V0.2

    Badge Taxonomy V0.2

    This is version two of the Badge Taxonomy – the purpose of which is not to classify rogue badges – but to understand how badges were being used, and help think through badging solutions.

  • 3DCV


    I really liked this idea from the Education Design Lab blog post Are Badges College Ready?. What would a 3D CV look like? What might elevate one achievement over another? Open Badges provide the underlying mechanism, but the value of a badge depends on multiple factors.

  • Prescriptive vs Descriptive Pathways

    Prescriptive vs Descriptive Pathways

    It took me a while to come up with this pathways metaphor, following a conversation with @dajbelshaw – oddly enough the idea popped into my head right in the middle of a meeting, while talking about other stuff.

  • #OB101


    Need to know more about OpenBadges? Check out #OB101…

  • The Badge Cycle

    The Badge Cycle

    This is a generic version of the badge cycle visual thought I created for the BBC. In it I’m trying to bring to life the process of earning and issuing badges. It was included as part of the FELTAG report.

  • A certificate is just an offline badge

    A certificate is just an offline badge

    When thinking about Open Badges, its easy to get stuck on the paper certificate paradigm and think about why an Open Badge isn’t that. Here’s is a thought from Chris Kirk and Doug Belshaw, emanating from an excellent dinner conversation, which looks at a certificate from the perspective of a badge.

  • Soft skills aren’t so soft

    Soft skills aren’t so soft

    I liked this thought about "soft" skills by Beverley Oliver, at #epforall Barcelona Indeed, as Scott Wilson commented, they are hard to define, hard to acquire, hard to assess, hard to evidence – there’s very little that’s soft about them…

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