Category: #lockdown

  • Pax Calendar

    Pax Calendar

    “Suddenly liberated by this new knowledge of old patterns, an unmissable opportunity presented itself to change the world forever. For surely, only a 9-year-old in Lockdown has the keen sense of awareness to set in store a brave new order of time itself. Having an appreciation of patterns and order, my young apprentice immediately adopted…

  • Rabbit Hole Learning

    Rabbit Hole Learning

    “As it turns out, the answer is not that simple. You see, Sir Professor Isaac of Newton was so clever, he was born in BOTH 1642 and 1643…” Taken from theĀ current issue of the Visual Thinker. You can subscribe here.

  • A Fool Moon Photo

    A Fool Moon Photo

    Like a fool, I was up late the other night taking a photo of the moon with an old DSLR camera with a big lens. I was poised with a tripod on the very edge of a spikey bush as the moon finally shifted itself between the trees, and the clouds kept a bay long…

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