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  • Adopt Technology in Education?

    Adopt Technology in Education?

    Is it really a choice? I don’t think so. How you adopt technology in education? Well, that’s quite another thing…

  • Open Badges (P.S. there’s data inside…)

    Open Badges (P.S. there’s data inside…)

    Open Badges seem so simple, don’t they? But wait – don’t make assumptions – ask questions! They’ve got stuff inside. Data. Authenticated data. But the big news? – you can take them with you because they’re built on an open standard. They can be connected together to form a learning pathway. The data structure inside the…

  • What is a Learning Technologist

    What is a Learning Technologist

    I’m sure there are many ways to define a learning technologist, but I liked this thought originating from a comment by Stephan at #efair2015…

  • The Badge Cycle

    The Badge Cycle

    This is a generic version of the badge cycle visual thought I created for the BBC. In it I’m trying to bring to life the process of earning and issuing badges. It was included as part of the FELTAG report.

  • edTech innovation

    edTech innovation

    I’ve got a few tech products off the ground in my time, and I’m still not sure how it happens. I did this thinking for the FELTAG report, looking at how the customer, the builders and the backers all need to play their part in the innovation.

  • Qualification Sweet Spot

    Qualification Sweet Spot

    One thing I’ve learnt from being part of City & Guilds, is that it’s not easy getting a public funded qualification off the ground. So where’s the sweet spot for a qualification? Here’s a thought from Patrick Craven, Director of Assessment and Policy at City & Guilds. This ended up being part of the FELTAG…

  • What makes good evidence?

    What makes good evidence?

    I’ve learnt a lot about what makes good evidence from talking with people at City & Guilds (who are a knowledgeable lot). This drawing came out of a conversation with Patrick Craven, head of assessment.I’ve learnt a lot about what makes good evidence from talking with people at City & Guilds (who are a knowledgeable…

  • Commoditised Learning

    Commoditised Learning

    What if Amazon did learning? Or at least the Amazon prediction engine. Might a system be able to suggest items of learning based on what others did at a similar point? This thought was picked up later for the FELTAG report.

  • Assessment & Pedagogy

    Assessment & Pedagogy

    Here’s a thought from Bob Harrison, of FELTAG fame. I think its a good one.

  • How to Badge

    How to Badge

    This graphic was drawn around the time of the FELTAG report, to help me consider how to think through the design of a badge. Often, stepping through an approach like this will uncover flaws in the thinking…

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