First Principles

Nothing’s ever fair, is it?

If you’d like to wilfully lose 13 minutes of your busy life, you could watch this video on what makes a fair dice. What are the chances that you make it all the way to the end? Less than 1 in 6, I’d say…

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19 Alternative Anniversaries

We’re married 19 years – what is that? Nearly Sapphire? Stainless Steel? Blotting paper? This year, instead of writing me a card to mark our 19th wedding anniversary, my wife thought it would be a good idea to come up with a list of alternative anniversaries. So, over a shared plate of restaurant nachos, we set to work…


Blues Brother, Soul Sister

As my head hasn’t really returned from holidays yet, the rest of me is very susceptible to falling down a rabbit hole on the interwebs…

Internet > Twitter > Aretha Franklin > The awesome “Think” scene from The Blues Brothers movie >  The full movie on Netflix …

Truth be told though, Aretha Franklin has no equal…

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Problematic Portraits

It seems that practically the whole of the known internet (more than 5 people) is busy doodling portraits of Colin Madland, who has very graciously offered up his face to artists for the purposes of visual experimentation, and thus inspired this comic strip.

I try to stay away from portraits, as it has often led to an awkward conversation, and reminded me that how a person sees their self is pretty warped to begin with. Indeed, I can’t help but see my face in terms of the things that aren’t even there – eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. You know I’ve always been a smooth operator…

Hey, I did this portrait of you!
Oh? I don’t think I really look like that.

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Adventures in Blockchain!

Anywhere there’s innovation being touted, good ol’ Blockchain won’t be far away. There’s no end to the possible adventurin’. Embrace the future!

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SATs – they don’t tell you.

Meaningless, meaningless all is meaningless…

…and mildly oppressive.

Does a filter bubble exist where everyone in it thinks SATs are actually a good idea, and I’m just not part of it?

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The early bird…

Mixed metaphor? Yes please, especially if it’s silly.

Is there NOTHING a three-panelled comic strip can’t convey?

Inspired by this tweet here about OER18.




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The Art of Visual Thinkery – a workshop

A while back, I was invited to lead a full day workshop on the Art of Visual Thinkery, with a focus on mindset. Having said that, I’m looking into the possibility of running some thinkery sessions online. If this interests you, then please get in touch!

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The Principles of Makery

As I thought about the making process behind my Raspberry Pi being installed as protector of my shed from overheating, I found myself wondering (as I do) about the principles of Makery. Here are three that came to mind in the building of this project.

If you think of others, let me know…

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See the why…

There’s little point in constructing a website unless you know what your message is, and who you’re trying to say it to. Form does indeed follow function. A really insightful way of doing this is to use facilitated dialogue with a diverse group, and trust that the knowledge is in the room…