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We teach Maths like a dead language

I’ve come across too many people who shudder at the thought of maths. The damage has already been done. To contrast, at my school I had a Maths teacher who was so passionate about Maths, we all got A’s. This thought came from an interview of Conrad Wolfram by Graham Brown-Martin in his most excellent Learning Re{imagined} series.

wapisasa – one year old

After getting wapisasa off the ground and being in business for a year, I created this graphic to summarise the achievements we made along the way. At that time we were based in Hoxton, East London, which has a very high beard-per-male ratio…

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The Thinkathon

One of our sweet spots at wapisasa is the Thinkathon. We facilitate a (fairly intensive) thinking session with you (the client) in order to discover the purpose, message and ideas surrounding the things you’re trying to create. A lot of brain juice required – but ultimately very rewarding.

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No silver bullet

No Silver Bullet

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I was struck by the fact that when applying for funding as a social business, that funders seem to be looking for a silver bullet. Unfortunately, wapisasa is far from a silver bullet, going deep with just a few. However, if there were more wapisasas…

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