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Remix by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

We are nodes on a network. We’re influenced by others. We, in turn, can influence others. Our creations contain flavours and mixes of whatever has gone before, for who bakes a cake without any ingredients?

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Participatory Culture

Participatory culture

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I zoomed in to Catherine Cronin’s talk on “If open is the answer, what is the question?” at the recent OER16 conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. This thought resonated with me, as it’s something I’ve learning in my journey with Visual Thinkery: our contibutions matter. With a sideways glance at school, I think there’s a massive difference between enforced participation and a culture of participation…

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Flares* by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

It was Irish farmer practicality meets home improvement engineering. My gran grew the flowers. My mum dried them. And I, yes I, arranged them in little pots filled with cement. Pretty flowers now with added permanence

Having said that, the same practical engineering had us making rafts every summer for the river. A few of them actually floated…

* flares is Northern Irish for flowers…

The Pi-clopedia


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I don’t know about you but I’ve been tinkering in my man-shed. Curiosity-driven, soldering iron out, YouTube at the ready. The spirit of McGyver runs deep through my veins, and given enough time there is nothing I cannot make.

The Raspberry Pi? It’s a thing of beauty. Now then what shall I make it do? I’ve found the MagPi is a great place to start…

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ART! by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

An empty page.
Create something.
But what? I can’t think of anything.
Why are you asking me? It’s your brain…
But it’s so daunting. It’s too clean. I’ll just mess it up. And anyway, I can’t draw.

An empty page is daunting.
But it’s also an opportunity.
You used to draw when you were a kid – So what’s changed?

Sit down and make some visual noise.
Express yourself – because creating, like anything worth doing, takes practice.

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