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  • Open Source Motivations

    Open Source Motivations

    Have you ever contributed to an open source project? If so, what was your motivation? My Co-op is working with Greenpeace International to help take their Planet4 project to the next level. You can read all about it in this blog post – and let us know about your motivations in our very quick survey.

  • Stand in their shoes

    Stand in their shoes

    “We’re going to start issuing digital badges.” Great. Make sure you stand in the shoes of the people you intend to be the recipients of your badges, and understand why they might want to earn badges from your organisation in the first place… Created for the recent IDB Digital Credentialing Workshop run by We Are Open Co-op

  • Embed Practice

    Embed Practice

    Whilst prepping for a design-a-thon for a digital literacies MOOC for teachers with my We Are Open colleagues, we talked briefly about the importance of embedding practice…

  • The Innov-A-team

    The Innov-A-team

    In 1972 a team of open workers was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. This team promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the global underground. Today, still wanted by the bad guys, they survive as members of a worker’s co-operative. If you have a problem, if no one else can…

  • The Seven Co-operative Principles

    The Seven Co-operative Principles

    You may not know that there are Seven Co-operative Principles. Yesterday, I was at Mozfest, hosted by Ravensbourne College in Greenwich, facilitating a visual conversation all about co-operatives. In fact, Mozfest is so chock-full of conversations, you can easily spend an hour getting to the right floor, bumping into interesting people you half-know. And that’s not because…

  • Open Badges from Dialogue

    Open Badges from Dialogue

    It’s one thing to decide how to badge a group of people on your own terms. It’s quite another to catch potential badges as they appear like apparitions out of dialogue with the people. What is that? … and what would it look like? This thinkery is from the We Are Open Co-op meetup.

  • Co-ops: Spread the word…

    Co-ops: Spread the word…

    I really enjoy being in a Co-op (WeAreOpen.coop), especially when we get together to make something, or think about something. As a result, I’m really keen to spread the word…

  • A co-operative state of mind

    A co-operative state of mind

    When a friend of mine asked if I’d be interested in forming a Co-op, I had to admit, I’d never considered it as a viable vehicle for business. Having come to the conclusion that there was no reason not to be a part of the adventure, I jumped in. I’d come across co-ops briefly having…

  • The A team

    The A team

    This doodle was drawn without looking up the interwebs following a comment at the recent get together of WeAreOpen members. I’m pretty sure I must have drawn it as a kid. I remember noticing that this type of van with its fat wheels and wide wheelbase wasn’t seen on the roads of Northern Ireland. Which…

  • Transparent and Open

    Transparent and Open

    I’ve been thinking about Cooperative business models recently, thanks to Doug Belshaw and John Bevan. Engaging with different ideas means playing out scenarios, and like splitting light through a prism, you can’t quite imagine how it will be until you shine it through.

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