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Filter bubble

filter bubble

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Hey, did you see that thing on the twitters?

But you and I, we don’t see the same internet. We definitely don’t see the same twitters. We don’t watch the same TV (I don’t have one, for starters…). Things are tailored for us: things to buy, search engine results – just the way we like it. Increasingly clever algorithms micro-managing all of our filter bubbles.

I’m aware of my own confirmation bias – looking for things that will confirm what I already hold to be true, and discarding things that don’t.

Must… be open… to… different… ideas…. uurrrrgghhh…

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being offline is the new cool

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Offline by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

Oooh. Was that a buzz from the phone in my pocket? It’s probably someone tweeting me. Probably someone sharing an illustration of mine to their followers. They’ve probably got a bijillion followers… let me just check.

Nope – must of just been a tingle in my leg – back to reading with the kids…

(This is why I don’t have social media on my phone anymore…)

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