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Pax Calendar

“Suddenly liberated by this new knowledge of old patterns, an unmissable opportunity presented itself to change the world forever. For surely, only a 9-year-old in Lockdown has the keen sense of awareness to set in store a brave new order of time itself.

Having an appreciation of patterns and order, my young apprentice immediately adopted a 28-day month consisting of 4 weeks of 7 days (power to the workers!) 13×28 = 364, with the 13th month incorporating one or two extra days (holidays for the workers!) to make up 365/366.

And with the help of Google Translate, to each month he gave a Latin name, inspired by the current school curricular focus on the Romans (thumbs down to the Romans, thumbs up to the Celts!), which provided a layer of abstraction and an air of irrefutability…”

Taken from the current issue of the Visual Thinker. You can subscribe here.