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  • Machines


    If you’re anywhere near the land of EdTech, then it’s worth reading this piece on Edtech Agitprop by Audrey Watters from top to bottom. It’s straight up. And I like straight up…

  • Is technology addictive?

    Is technology addictive?

    It feels like I’m missing something. I wonder if there’s a record-setting sporting contest I need to witness. Um… nope. I wonder if anybody’s retweeted that awesome last thing I drew. I’d better check. Sheesh, tumbleweeds. Maybe something’s breaking in the news. It’s still snowing in Scotland. It feels like I’m missing something… Inspired by the post – Is […]

  • Learned Behaviour

    Learned Behaviour

    The path to learning is paved with good behaviours. It can also be a pretty lucrative path, for some… From Speak & Spell: A History by Audrey Watters.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    I often listen to podcasts when I’m drawing something. However, recently I tuned into Audrey Watters and Kin Lane‘s Contrafabulists podcast – and as their conversation progressed, I found my mind wandering from what I was supposed to be drawing and thinking about an image of the conversation, which explored what Machine Learning is and of course, […]

  • This Machine…

    This Machine…

    I had the pleasure of meeting Audrey Watters in Barcelona recently. This laptop sticker was a side thought from Audrey in the conversation with some other lovely people (Jim Groom, Doug Belshaw, Martin Weller and Sheila MacNeill) that I had to create as an image. If you want to turn it into a real laptop […]

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