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  • Venerable Diagrams

    Venerable Diagrams

    I’m a fan of Edith Pritchett’s Venn Diagrams that appear in the Saturday Guardian (UK). Who would have thought Graphs could be laugh-out-loud funny? I think every visual has the potential to reach in and tickle a different armpit.

  • Morpho – Remixer

    Morpho – Remixer

    A butterfly is something I look at and wonder – how did it get all those colours? Maybe I’m just looking forward to summer already… If you need 5mins of de-stress today, pop along to the Morpho remixer and give it a whirl:¬†

  • Pin Globe

    Pin Globe

    This is what happens when a thought tickles my brain. TO THE REMIXER MACHINE! As the Voronoi remixer exports in SVG, a vector format, it can then be extruded using Illustrator…

  • Bloggers’ Ink

    Bloggers’ Ink

    Well now, it all started with this Twitter conversation. There’s something about creating a sticker that forces you to boil down what it is you’re saying, as well as picturing it on someone else’s laptop hood. But this sticker is REMIXABLE, courtesy of the fabulous Remixer Machine. So blogger, go make your monster…

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