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Morpho – Remixer

A butterfly is something I look at and wonder – how did it get all those colours? Maybe I’m just looking forward to summer already…

If you need 5mins of de-stress today, pop along to the Morpho remixer and give it a whirl: 


The way of the remix

Do you remix?

If so, how do you remix? What is your remix trigger? Is it curiosity or simply joining the dots as you see them? Do you like to layer-up? Or strive to simplify? Is it a tickly thought? Or a random one from left field?

I’d like to know, because I think we’re all different. This is part of what I’m exploring with the gradual launch of The Remixer Machine.

#remix #RemixMachine

Pin Globe

This is what happens when a thought tickles my brain. TO THE REMIXER MACHINE!

As the Voronoi remixer exports in SVG, a vector format, it can then be extruded using Illustrator…

#remix #RemixMachine

Bloggers’ Ink

Well now, it all started with this Twitter conversation.

There’s something about creating a sticker that forces you to boil down what it is you’re saying, as well as picturing it on someone else’s laptop hood.

But this sticker is REMIXABLE, courtesy of the fabulous Remixer Machine. So blogger, go make your monster…

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A very troublesome border

“…because division is what borders do best…”

This illustration is from my newsletter. You should really subscribe. It’s full of pictures. You can also follow the Irish Border on twitter these days. As you can imagine, it has a lot to say.

I made this image using the Visual Thinkery Remixer platform. A little browser app that allows you to participate in remixing the Border. More remixables coming soon!

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We are nodes on a network. We’re influenced by others. We, in turn, can influence others. Our creations contain flavours and mixes of whatever has gone before, for who bakes a cake without any ingredients?