I doff my hat to the team that can turn a face-to-face conference into a meaningful online one. Having said that, the ALT/OER20 team are pretty well positioned to do just that!

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Ama-Zine Prompts

Amy Burvall and myself thoroughly enjoyed delivering a hands-on Zine-making workshop at OER19 in Galway earlier this month. It was so good to be back in the motherland. But the trouble with a workshop of this nature is that most people are a little uncomfortable when faced with a blank piece of paper. So, in our Zine-storming session pre-workshop, Amy listed out some prompts to help folks jump right in… (p.s. if you’re an educator, check out Amy’s Intention book!).

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OER19 revisited…

I’m already looking forward to OER19, and I’m delighted that it will take place in the motherland.


Of course, I couldn’t resist this little remix of the flyer when I first saw it. This is a product of Mathers third principle of Visual Thinkery – Curiosity must not come back empty-handed

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Pedagogies of Disruption as Resistance

Listening to Momodou Sallah’s keynote at OER18 instantly transported me back to my days living and working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I found myself deeply resonating with his desire for change and his willingness to be a part of it. Social Entrepreneurship; Confronting the poverty of imagination; The Empire narrative; The missing Southern voices. I found it inspirational.

Momodou’s Community Interest Company: Global Hands

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Continually becoming…

My sketchnote from Catherine Cronin’s talk at #OER18.

I was reflecting to another attendee afterwards that I find some talks lend themselves more towards a sketchnote than others. Someone who knows what they are talking about, and cares deeply about it, is a must. But another key ingredient for me are the speaker’s homemade philosophies sprinkled through their talk – and it’s often this mix that I find paints a picture worth drawing.

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Digital Alchemy

One of the Digital-Alchemists-in-Residence at #OER18 has to Alan Levine – so when this phrase was used in their session, I couldn’t let it just disappear into the ether…

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Open willy-nilly

Here’s a quote from an excellent session by Mia Zamora and Alan Levine at OER18 that stuck in my head…

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The early bird…

Mixed metaphor? Yes please, especially if it’s silly.

Is there NOTHING a three-panelled comic strip can’t convey?

Inspired by this tweet here about OER18.





The OER big wave

Some times I wander around art galleries trying to quickly reproduce what my eye sees. Simply by forging a direct connection with my hand, my eye starts to show me details, techniques, and feelings that my head is so quick to throw out as mere noise; getting under the skin of a creation, and sometimes getting a glimpse of it’s creator.

The rest is simply a Hokusai mashup, created for OER17, which I’m also hoping to see from a new understanding.

All the artwork relating to OER17 conversations is now available here under a CC-BY licence.