These visual thoughts are often created as a result of a conversation, and are available for use under a Creative Commons licence, so please remember to attribute!
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Badge Pathways

Use this:

Pathways by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

Gold, Silver, Bronze, yawn…

This (standard) approach prevents the issuing organisation from having to think too deeply about how learners might interact with what they’ve got to offer.

There’s more than one way to string together some badges.

CC attribution

CC attribution

Use this:

My brother often corrects my grammar. It’s as easy to get it right as to get it wrong… he would say. Even though I find this mildly irritating, especially as he’s my younger sibling, he’s quite right – and secretly I upgrade my grammar without giving him any satisfaction, only to knowledgeably correct others on the same point.

So this thinkery about Creative Commons attribution might feel mildly annoying, but when it comes to attributing an author or creator for something you get to use for free, I think it’s worth the secret upgrade…

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