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  • Imperial Nostalgia

    Imperial Nostalgia

    Boris Johnson: ‘People around the world are going ‘wow – they’ve made this incredible decision to go global”. John Simpson: ‘This is certainly not my experience. From US to China to India to South Africa, people I’m hearing from think we’re opting for imperial nostalgia.’

  • A very troublesome border

    A very troublesome border

    “…because division is what borders do best…” This illustration is from my newsletter. You should really subscribe. It’s full of pictures. You can also follow the Irish Border on twitter these days. As you can imagine, it has a lot to say. I made this image using the Visual Thinkery Remixer platform. A little browser app…

  • A post-brexit passport

    A post-brexit passport

    So far, the only emerging upside of Brexit is to have a new-in-my-lifetime-but-old-in-others coloured passport. So in order to help out, I thought I’d throw my own design into the mix. This is the third in the facepalm thinkery series, following this and then this. Given the current state of things, I’m sure there’ll be many more to come…

  • Exit Planet Brexit

    Exit Planet Brexit

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from kids (including my own) is that if you’re losing a game of something, a pretty effective strategy is to change the rules. The other thing I know is that in a divorce, the only winners are the lawyers. The people have spoken. Yes – and they continue to speak. Brexit is…

  • Chameleon Branding

    Chameleon Branding

    Maybe if we change it to a Union Jack Tree, they’ll think we’re that too?

  • I hope this forecast is wrong

    I hope this forecast is wrong

    I hope this brexit fuelled forecast is wrong.

  • What have you done?

    What have you done?

    Well, I suppose it’s not just our lot then – the times they are a changin’ and here comes a generational shift (that’s the hopeless wrenching in your stomach). Yet, surely it’s always been this way. A time for peace, a time for war. A time for truth, a time for deception bots on social…

  • Facepalm


    What? We’re out of the EU? <facepalm>

  • Brexit: The nation speaks

    Brexit: The nation speaks

    I think we’ll be trying to figure out what the nation actually said for many years to come. That’s if anyone cares to listen…

  • Lies…


    If I was democracy, I’d be pretty pissed off – getting trotted out once in a generation only to be patted on the back, and put back in the political cupboard. It’s been a great day for lies and liars.

  • All lies and jest…

    All lies and jest…

    In order to be a leader, you need to acquire a following. In order to acquire a common following, you need a common enemy. These people have made the EU the common enemy. But the EU can’t be the enemy – as we are part of the EU, and therefore it is what we are…

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