Introducing Badge News

If you’re interested in Open Badges, you’ve probably asked the question well who’s using them? The team at We Are Open, lead by Doug Belshaw have assembled a number of interested parties, and put together an awesome fortnightly newsletter for just this reason. Sign up here:

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Let’s just badge everything

This week, the team at the University of Southampton organised an excellent Open Badge conference, which I really enjoyed taking part in. Doug Belshaw (his slides are here) and Carla Casilli were keynoting. “Let’s just badge everything” is probably not the best strategy in getting up and running with micro-credentials. Here are two questions worth […]

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The Open Badge standard is out there and can be adopted by anyone. The standard (being a standard) is de-centralised. However, the tools that comply with the standard often aren’t. And why should they be? The norm in platforms is to create a sticky one. Get people in, and keep people in. There’s a collective […]


Come on you Beauties

6 Nations. One team to rule them all. Obvs. 🙂 #shouldertoshoulder

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It’s all about people

Having sold a couple of businesses, I’m often asked about the ingredients of running a successful start-up. Well, this may be obvious, but it’s top of my list every time. People. But not just your immediate team (which is of course critical), but those who you sell to, those who support what you’re selling, those […]

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wapisasa overview (v2)

After being in business for a 6 months or so, I held a vision day with the team, and out of that day this was created. it aims to support a wapisasa elevator pitch, and enable anyone to talk though the story.


Make something awesome

At wapisasa, our Rookies get one day per week to work on their own projects. They are accountable to the rest of the team, and this is their challenge – to make something awesome.

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The Google App Landscape

This drawing was created for the Think Out Loud Club – and a discussion about the use of Google Apps in Education at one of the Big Think events with the team from Google. The “Collaborate, Connect, Organise” was inspired by Yousef Fouda, CTO at Warwickshire Colleges Group.