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Education may be linear

The older I get, the more I am aware of the multidirectional aspects of learning. I like to explore and experiment, mashing together and looking for parallels as well as being presented with traditional paths. However, I’m offended when the traditional linear pathways are billed as the only option. This is why wapisasa was created.

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Different isn’t wrong

When I lived in East Africa, this was a mantra of a wise ex-pat I once knew. I find it surprising how aspects of other cultures can get us tied up in all sorts of knots, making us retreat to people just like us. Its easy to put up a wall and never step outside. However, I found it really helpful to apply this in all sorts of directions.

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The Articulation of an Idea

Fundamental Cognitive Error: that we see the world as it actually is, and therefore that everyone else sees the world in the same way as we do. Never mind the ambiguity of language…

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Adventure Recognition

How much informal learning goes unrecognised? A whole balloon load I’ll bet…

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Wapisasa – a badge-driven apprenticeship

Could a Rookie earn badges, as they progress through their employment at wapisasa? Could these badges that recognise Knowledge, Skills, Character contribute to a raise or a promotion? If we can badge it, we probably should…


wapisasa – The team structure

Why not learn from your peers as you develop your skills? Here’s a drawing of the suggested team structure (and indeed the general idea) in use at wapisasa. It’s a digital apprenticeship done differently…

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Getting your idea off the ground

This visual thought was a result of a meeting hosted by the Forward Foundation, including Nominet Trust, Big Lottery, and a number of other social funders. It was an excellent event – and I tried to capture the what all the speakers where saying in order to revisit some parts for my own non-profit, wapisasa.

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6 things every story needs

This thinking came from a workshop at the Forward Foundation looking at Storytelling. David Campbell took us through an excellent thinking session on the components of telling a story.

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Oh to be a C.I.C.

Oh, to be a C.I.C… When we formed wapisasa, we wanted to pin the social aspects to our foreheads so that we would never lose sight of the fact that the young people come first. A Community Interest Company therefore makes sense – an efficient business with a charity heart. However C.I.C.s aren’t necessarily trusted by funders or indeed attractive to investors – so possibly its a bit of no-mans-land? We’ll have to see…

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The Goal of Education

This thinking was the result of a debate at The Reed School, London, hosted at the Guild hall. I came away very impressed by “whole education” principles voiced by Steve Chalk (Oasis) and Camila Batmanghelidjh (Kids Company).