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  • Wapisasa – a badge-driven apprenticeship

    Wapisasa – a badge-driven apprenticeship

    Could a Rookie earn badges, as they progress through their employment at wapisasa? Could these badges that recognise Knowledge, Skills, Character contribute to a raise or a promotion? If we can badge it, we probably should…

  • wapisasa – The team structure

    wapisasa – The team structure

    Why not learn from your peers as you develop your skills? Here’s a drawing of the suggested team structure (and indeed the general idea) in use at wapisasa. It’s a digital apprenticeship done differently…

  • Getting your idea off the ground

    Getting your idea off the ground

    This visual thought was a result of a meeting hosted by the Forward Foundation, including Nominet Trust, Big Lottery, and a number of other social funders. It was an excellent event – and I tried to capture the what all the speakers where saying in order to revisit some parts for my own non-profit, wapisasa.

  • 6 things every story needs

    6 things every story needs

    This thinking came from a workshop at the Forward Foundation looking at Storytelling. David Campbell took us through an excellent thinking session on the components of telling a story.

  • Oh to be a C.I.C.

    Oh to be a C.I.C.

    Oh, to be a C.I.C… When we formed wapisasa, we wanted to pin the social aspects to our foreheads so that we would never lose sight of the fact that the young people come first. A Community Interest Company therefore makes sense – an efficient business with a charity heart. However C.I.C.s aren’t necessarily trusted…

  • The Goal of Education

    The Goal of Education

    This thinking was the result of a debate at The Reed School, London, hosted at the Guild hall. I came away very impressed by “whole education” principles voiced by Steve Chalk (Oasis) and Camila Batmanghelidjh (Kids Company).

  • How to Badge

    How to Badge

    This graphic was drawn around the time of the FELTAG report, to help me consider how to think through the design of a badge. Often, stepping through an approach like this will uncover flaws in the thinking…

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