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  • Funding Form

    Funding Form

    Sadly, this tickly thought is my experience of the funding world – which I suppose is understandable – who wouldn’t want maximum bang for buck? Slow-burning ideas are hard to find funding for.

  • Open Badges – now with Endorsements

    Open Badges – now with Endorsements

    This thought was created for Doug Belshaw‘s DML blog entitled “Extending Badges“.

  • Education Technology

    Education Technology

    I love Lego, and I wonder how much it played a part in feeding my creative (and constructivist) side. Problem solving, learning to pivot and change direction, creating new worlds with others. Needless to say my kids are all over it…

  • What’s in your kitbag?

    What’s in your kitbag?

    In order to get a business off the ground, you’re going to need a whole load of stuff (whether you know it or not). A thought after meeting with Lord Young at Downing Street.

  • The Fried Egg Model

    The Fried Egg Model

    I’ve been trying to help BETT think about Further Education. In trying to explain how a hybrid approach to an event could work, I inadvertently created the resemblence of a fried egg…

  • Recognition of a small step

    Recognition of a small step

    If we change our outlook from long journeys to small steps how do that effect the landscape of learning that unfolds before us?

  • Open Badges

    Open Badges

    I cant remember where I came across the Maynard Keynes quote, but I immediately thought of the disruption of Education by Open Badge technologies. I was also struck by Bernard Bull’s parallel with the disruption of the Energy market.

  • Levers of disruption

    Levers of disruption

    Recently, I was asked to speak at Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Lab Open week. Another of the speakers was Graham Brown-Martin, whose talk I really enjpoyed. This was just one of the questions he was asking…

  • It’s not about the tech…

    It’s not about the tech…

    If you hear Bob Harrison speak, you’ll often hear this statement, this time in the context of a MOOCs discussion. Quite right.

  • Getting your idea off the ground

    Getting your idea off the ground

    I spoke recently at the ALT conference, where the theme was “riding the wave of innovation” – I always like to explore a visual metaphor…

  • Celebrate your Milestones

    Celebrate your Milestones

    This thought was created as part of a collaboration between Doug Belshaw and myself. If you haven’t already its worth having a look at Doug’s “Community Alignment Model” – something Doug’s a bit of a master at…

  • The Articulation of an Idea

    The Articulation of an Idea

    Fundamental Cognitive Error: that we see the world as it actually is, and therefore that everyone else sees the world in the same way as we do. Never mind the ambiguity of language…

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