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A Badge-Driven Workforce Pipeline

This concept came out of a discussion of the Workforce working group run by the Badges Alliance. The idea was to illustrate how badges might form a part of a individuals development at various developmental stages at work.

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ETAG – 2025 looks like this

This drawing is a remix of Stephen Heppell’s original drawing showing what 2025 (or even 2020) might look like with respect to the use of technology in education. See for the full shebang.

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6 Apprenticeship Principles

This image reflects on the core principles of an apprenticeship, which were outlined in a report by City & Guilds – definitely worth a thought.

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How to Badge

This graphic was drawn around the time of the FELTAG report, to help me consider how to think through the design of a badge. Often, stepping through an approach like this will uncover flaws in the thinking…