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Pull yourself together

In the last couple of years I’ve increasingly reflected on my own mental health, and those of the people I work with. I’ve realised how little I know. So when I stumbled across this blog post by Julia Skinner, this thought jumped out of the page…

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An oppressive education

To love learning. Is this not the very purpose of life? But this is the stuff you need to know — just get on with knowing it.

My worry is that the purpose of our current system is not to engender a love of learning (and the enjoyment of the hard work that it requires) — but the gaining of certain privileged credentials, whatever the cost.

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Mr Unlucky

I absolutely love this. The handy work of my 11-year-old…


The War on Unliteracy

I listened to a politican declaring war on innumeracy and illiteracy. It sounds all aggressive, but what does it actually mean? The next week it was mediocrity. Whatever next…