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After the UK voted to leave the EU, I tuned in to a BBC station, where a person (who had voted to leave) was giving comfort to those that had voted to stay. “At the very least, it’s a great day for democracy.” If I was democracy, I’d be pretty pissed off – getting trotted out once in a generation only to be patted on the back, and put back in the political cupboard. It’s been a great day for lies and liars.

#brexit #OddsAndEnds

All lies and jest…

In order to be a leader, you need to acquire a following. In order to acquire a common following, you need a common enemy. These people have made the EU the common enemy. But the EU can’t be the enemy – as we are part of the EU, and therefore it is what we are prepared to make it.

Hatred is the enemy. Racism is the enemy. Empire is the enemy.