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Penguin Against Plastic

Penguin Against Plastic says:

Give plastic the flipper!

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Pedagogies of Disruption as Resistance

Listening to Momodou Sallah’s keynote at OER18 instantly transported me back to my days living and working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I found myself deeply resonating with his desire for change and his willingness to be a part of it. Social Entrepreneurship; Confronting the poverty of imagination; The Empire narrative; The missing Southern voices. I found it inspirational.

Momodou’s Community Interest Company: Global Hands

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The tide is turning – single use plastic

As a family, we made a Sunday evening habit of watching the David Attenborough BBC series The Blue Planet 2. I then participated in a #RethinkPlastic workshop with Zero Waste Europe. Shortly afterwards, the Queen of England announced that she was cutting the use of Single Use Plastic on royal estates. Obviously, these events must be connected…

And cutting out Single Use Plastic is certainly harder than it seems. But for starters, I have promised myself that I will acknowledge the Single Use Plastic that passes through my own hands.

#activism #rethinkplastic

Single Use Plastic

The conversation I had in my local shop this morning, when the man behind the counter automatically put my pint of milk and packet of almonds in a black plastic bag:

 – No thanks, I don’t need a bag

– It’ll not make any difference to the environment

It’s single use plastic, of course it will…

His defensiveness and poor attempt at shop humour caught me off guard, as I was making no judgement of him, just the plastic bag. Then again, I suppose none of us are comfortable with self judgement…

This thought originated from a Plastic Solutions Lab I was invited to near Brussels, where I met a fantastic mix of activists, artists and policy makers.