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Stick to the process - it won’t let you down. In the event of coming up with as many quick ideas as possible, there are some that, given a different day, would have won the nomination to be evolved into the most colourful of artwork.
plastic bag in face
Sometimes the ideas are just there in the conversation, and they pop up like a gopher in a hole, unsurprised by you just as you’re surprised by them. They practically draw themselves. No it’s like this!

Other days, the conversation is slow, the clouds are heavy, the creative juices are glacial and idea generation requires a concerted effort. And chocolate, caffeine, darts and other habitual dependencies.
So what about some of those ideas that never made it, forever frozen in an archived presentation? Well, every once in a while they cross my path, and they instantly teleport me back to the conversation they came from, which makes me smile, as I’ve had the pleasure of visually collaborating with some loverly people.
shadow IT
Wizard of Pollution
The idea above was one of many created for #breakfreefromplastic for last year's World Ocean Day.


For a while now, I’ve been using the Carbo app to take a photo of the many hand-drawn sketched ideas in order to solidify the black, and knock out the background.
grant potter
It’s pretty useful for popping a quick visual idea in a document, which (like cracking Dad jokes) I do with irrepressible regularity...

This doodle was created on paper for Grant Potter for being generally brilliant.
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Below are the most recent colourful reflections from the Open Visual Thinkery blog. You, dear reader, are free to use these illustrations under a Creative Commons licence!

Is it too early?

My spuds need liquid love
Is it too early to complain, about the recent lack of rain? My spuds need liquid love.


Bob, you're on mute
It is quite possible that the next ten illustrations posted on this visual blog could hold the title the new normal. Yet not even I (!) can tell you what the new normal looks like. Video meeting participants talking enthusiastically whilst on mute is definitely nothing new, there's just a whole bunch more people at it. So if you find …

Open Source Motivations

OS contribution motivations
Have you ever contributed to an open source project? If so, what was your motivation? My Co-op is working with Greenpeace International to help take their Planet4 project to the next level. You can read all about it in this blog post - and let us know about your motivations in our very quick survey.
bryan in the canon


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