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Understanding dyslexia: the reading circuit

The idea of the “reading circuit” really helped me understand dyslexia a bit better. Fluency takes effort.

I’ve always been a slow reader. I didn’t really ever enjoy it. Turns out it’s not the actual material, as in the last decade, I’ve listened to a grillion (not quite as much as a bijillion but more than a bazillion…) audiobooks. Everything from Dostoyevsky to Vonnegut.

There must be a tipping point where the effort required is less than the reward gained from the read? For me, that tipping point didn’t come until my late teens yet my two eldest children are already there. Brain-food. Yum!…

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Dyslexia - a world of possibilities

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Dyslexia… by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

I really enjoyed making this visual thought, commissioned by MindshiftKQED to go with “Dyslexia and the Wider World of Creativity and Talent” by Holly Korbey. However, the bit that really buttered my parsnips (a Christmas metaphor, if you will…) was creating the Picasso image. I found that by trying to imitate his style I started to see a bit more clearly what the Cubist style was trying to say, which I suppose, I really wasn’t expecting…

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